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The new arrival

“What is it?” Blake asked as Chad came out of the sewer hole holding something in his shirt.  “Where’s the ball?” Scott yelled from across the street in the makeshift baseball field next door to Chad’s house.  Chad was looking down at his shirt engrossed … Continue reading

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Grace – Elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion or action.

A pleasing or attractive quality or attribute. Today was a rough day.  It started out with the alarm going off far too early and far too loudly and is ending with this blog entry.  I took a long hard look … Continue reading

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Cici sat on the curb staring down at the black tar filling the cracks in the street.  She was wearing a white tank top and green shorts and her bare feet were dirty from walking around the baseball field in her … Continue reading

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You disappointed me yesterday

I really needed some help working through something.  I texted you, I understand that you were busy with other things, but it never crossed your mind in the last twelve hours to pick up the phone and see if I was … Continue reading

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I still miss him sometimes

The first time I saw him, I was working as a temp for the company where he was a Sales Manager.  I had recently become engaged and was in the throes of this new romance.  He came bounding into the … Continue reading

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Keep fighting the good fight

On September 1, 2000 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  On September 29, 2000 she had a lumpectomy and they removed all of the lymph glands on one side.  She went through chemotherapy after the surgery and had her … Continue reading

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