I’ll show you the scar

It pains me to know that you’re hurting

and that I cannot be there.

I know that the problem you’re having

is scary and largely unfair.

It’s not that I don’t want to help you

get through this and come out all right.

I do want to hear what you’re going through

I know I come off as uptight.

I wasn’t always this old you know

I used to be young and carefree.

I guess just like everyone else in the world

I want you to learn from me.

I wasn’t always this staid my young friend

my life once was pretty exciting.

It’s just that I grew up and changed my outlook

and now sedate seems more inviting.

Of adventures I’ve had my fair share you know

and I still bear the scars of those days.

But as life has a way of changing things

I chose to change my ways.

So now I sit and listen

as you pour out your suffering and pain.

And I try to help you see

that your choices are not always sane.

When I try to help you find your way

I end up making you mad.

Then you leave and we don’t talk for a while

that always makes me sad.

You see it’s not that I don’t care

to hear your feelings of pain.

It’s just that I have been there before

and don’t want to go there again.

We all wish the people we love in our lives

could learn from our mistakes.

But life just doesn’t work out that way

we must leave it up to the fates.

Just know when I am telling you

how wrong your choices are.

I know what I am talking about. 

Believe me I’ll show you the scar.

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