Things I Believe

  • I believe that being a parent is by turns the most fulfilling and most frustrating thing one can do with ones life.


  •  I believe that falling in love is beautiful but staying in love is sometimes ugly and dirty.


  • I believe there are few things in this world more beautiful than the sound of young children laughing.


  • I believe that seeing an old couple holding hands will touch even the hardest heart.


  • I believe that jealousy is not an attractive or desirable quality.


  • I believe that if he hits you once he will do it again … same for cheating.


  • I believe that watching your child walk across the stage at college graduation is up there in the top five things you will ever do in your life.


  • I believe that love means sometimes you have to say you’re sorry, no matter what Ali McGraw might say.


  • I believe families should love each other unconditionally.


  • I believe that respect should be earned.


  • I believe sometimes the only word that works is a foul word.


  • I believe that lipstick makes every woman look better.


  • I believe that flirting is an art form and should be practiced whenever and wherever possible.


  • I believe that there are few things more satisfying than the love of a pet.


  • I believe that cuddling with a purring cat is pure therapy.


  • I believe that life is too short to do something for a living that you hate.


  • I believe that consistent boredom is the sign of a lack of imagination.


  • I believe that people should marry if they’re in love and they want to no matter what their sexuality.


  • I believe that fiction is a good form of escapism.


  • I believe that NPR can become addictive.


  • I believe there are very few things more beautiful than the woods on a fall afternoon.


  • I believe that walking through a museum can be like therapy.


  • I believe that writing your feelings of anguish down can help you to pull yourself through.


  • I believe that anger is a manifestation of a more deep seated emotion and should be explored more thoroughly to identify said emotion.


  • I believe that sometimes it’s okay to have a bad day.


  • I believe that the cello is an absolutely beautiful sounding instrument when played well.


  • I believe that some people are meant to be alone and that it’s okay, no matter what others might feel.


  • I believe that holding your tongue or keeping your own counsel is a sign of maturity.


  • I believe in crying whenever you feel like it!


  • I believe that laughter can heal what ails ya.


  • I believe that honesty is the best policy but omission is not always a lie.


  • I believe that sometimes it’s okay to walk away.


  • I believe in the power of music.


  • I believe that true friendship sometimes means telling the truth even if they don’t want to hear it.  
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