A day in the Park

Now we are at Creve Coeur Park sitting within the cool protective shade of three old trees. The birds are chirping and there is a light breeze blowing, rustling the leaves, creating a symphony of sounds that only nature can make that almost but not quite drowns out the sound of cars driving by as other like-minded people search in vain for a parking space. To our right as we sit on our blankets strewn with our books, sunglasses and bottles of water we see a young woman in her wheelchair enjoying the day with her old Beagle and young tiny terrier named Lily (who thinks she is a Pit Bull). To our left is a family of four resting after taking the long walk around the lake. In front of us is the icing on this already delightful cake. The lake in all her grace and glory moving in small peaks in the breeze. Cradling canoers, sail gliders, rowers and the occasional German Shepard in her gentle flowing arms.

People walk, skate or jog by, headphones in, arms moving in smooth athletic arcs as they strive to meet their goals with sweat glistening on their faces and taut muscular legs flexing and relaxing as they push off and move forward. Fishermen fling their lines into the water and hook fish at an alarming rate while people old and young walk gingerly across the already hot sand. Photographers abound and every few minutes we can hear a vigilant parent warning an adventurous child “Not too close!”.

Suddenly everyone is smiling big teeth smiles and chuckling while sharing looks with everyone around them as a tall solid looking man flies by on roller blades wearing a sun hat and pushing himself along with ski poles singing at the top of his lungs about love. Everyone shares a moment of laughter together as we watch this lovely man glide by wishing to share in his joie de vivre for just a little while. “Don’t get wet!”. There is something so relaxing about watching water move. Now we are going to lie on our backs and not talk for a while as we gaze up through the trees and watch the sunlight as it moves in and out of the softly rustling leaves, soaking it all in. Life is good.

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