Can’t wait to be a grown up

Last week I was talking to an old friend on the phone. (I know some people actually still talk!) We were talking about her son and how he can’t wait to turn twenty one. I asked her if she remembered what a let down it was when we turned twenty one after the anticipation. She laughed and reminded me that this was because we’d been going to bars for years already and it wasn’t a novelty to us. Oh … yeah.

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to grow up? Do you recall the envy you felt when you saw the neighbor kid driving his Dad’s car with Dad sitting in the passenger seat working the passenger side brake as though his life depended upon it? I have recollection of watching my Mom get ready to go to a party with my Dad. I loved the way she looked even when she wasn’t all made up but when she would get dressed up and put on night time make up she looked like a fairy princess. I wanted to wear make up so badly. She smelled so pretty and her make up was always perfectly applied and her hair was gorgeous and shiny and wavy. I couldn’t wait to be able to do that.

I got caught putting on green eye shadow before school in Junior High. EVERYONE ELSE’S MOTHER was letting them wear it! Not me though. I was allowed to wear lip gloss until freshman year. My Mom helped me put on make up for my Freshman Year picture, I was so excited. I didn’t feel like a fairy princess, well not then anyway, but I loved it.

Do you remember thinking how unfair it was that our parents got to stay up as late as they want and they could watch Johnny Carson and they could play with the stereo and nobody smacked their hands and they could get an extra helping of ice cream and they could go to the best movies and … and … :::taking a breath:::.

So how does it feel? Being a grown up? Do you ever feel like a fairy princess? Do you ever revel in the freedom of being able to grow your hair as long as you want it to be or to paint your bedroom whatever color you want even if it’s purple with green polka dots? (yes I did want that at one point)

Well my answer is … sometimes. I haven’t felt like a fairy princess in a while granted but I do enjoy the trappings of adulthood. I remember thinking it would be so great to be able to go to a bar and order a drink. I rarely do that but I do like that I can. I couldn’t wait to order myself a Harvey Wallbanger. I did that once … once. I do like being able to stay up late and I certainly enjoy watching movies that are not made for children.

When I was a child I thought that being an adult and owning your own home meant that you had a sideboard bar with crystal decanters filled with liquor and heavy crystal glasses. You would come home from a busy day at work and kick off your shoes and ask “What would you like to drink dahling? No no don’t get up I’ll pour.” (Yes in my imagination I had developed a British accent, what’s it to you?) My parents didn’t have any of those things, they hardly kept alcohol in the house at all really. Well beer, my Dad worked at AB so that was kind of a no brainer. The only alcohol I currently have in my house is a bottle of white wine in the refrigerator and about a shots worth of something in a bottle my daughter brought home from college … four years ago. Southern Comfort, I just checked. I should drink that someday. Does it go bad?

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3 Responses to Can’t wait to be a grown up

  1. Rhonda says:

    One of the things I did in my early adulthood was buy a whole bunch of candy and eat as much of it as I wanted. Our parents were right, I got sick.

  2. Karen Gravatt says:

    As a child I watched too much Leave it Beaver and Father Knows Best! Oh my that shows my age! I lived in a fantasy world but some things in my real world made me feel comfortable. Routine brings comfort to children. It makes you feel safe. I think that is why I liked those shows. In my family not much was routine with the exception of meals. Like fried chicken every Sunday, meatloaf every Monday, fried pork chops on tues, pot roast wed, spaghetti on thurs, and a meatless noodle dish on Friday. I wanted to be grown up so I could have a family that was not constantly changing. I wanted a Father that knew best! I tried but as my young teen/adult world spun out of control I became a rebel, a chameleon, a people pleaser. I was caught between being a child and an adult and the transition was a bumpy ride. There were no teenage years for me. That’s how fast I wanted to be a grown up. When my fantasy of creating a perfect family of my own crumbled I became familiar with the word dysfunctional. Oh, so that’s what were!
    Three husbands and five children later I continue to become a grown up at the age of 60. I don’t think any of us become grown up at 21, 25 or 30 like we all imagine. As a woman I continue to evolve with each and every day. Now there is a constant earning to live an authentic life with changes and new experiences. Maybe our children would feel less pressure if they knew growing up is a lifetime process with twists and turns. But you know what? I still find comfort in meal planning. No, it’s not the same every week and fried chicken is now baked. 🙂

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