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Love at first email? Chapter two

After Toni sent her response to question one she went for a run. Thinking about Fidget always made her feel restless and a little unsettled. Not knowing what became of her had always been the toughest part about losing her. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on relationships

I was talking to a friend of mine today about relationships and choices. She was telling me about a book she was reading. The basic message of the book was sometimes we have to learn to settle. They advise figuring … Continue reading

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Love at first email?

It all started as a lark really, she and her friend Tyler were out having drinks one Friday night and they were lamenting the lack of love in their lives, well more accurately lack of nookie was the topic of … Continue reading

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Saturday afternoon

My evening plans have changed but I’m flexible. I figured it was an excuse to go to one of my coffee haunts and get some writing done. I haven’t written much lately, my commitment to write something twice a week … Continue reading

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