Marylef's Meanderings

Phone rings once … twice … three times …

“Hello! What?” answered in a raspy sleep logged voice

“He didn’t call”

“Oh … hi”

“Did you hear me? He didn’t call.”

“Yeah … I heard you, I heard you”

“Well? Look I know you hate him but can’t you try to be supportive?”

“Stop okay? Don’t say that. I don’t hate him. It’s just …”

“Just what? Why is this happening to me?”

“Well sweetie it’s not happening to you really is it? I mean … well what I mean is … oh forget it you’ll just get mad.”

“No I want to hear what you have to say, just be honest I can take it.”

“Well it’s not really whether you can take it or not I guess. Okay maybe it is. Here’s the thing, he’s not a bad guy and I don’t hate him I just hate him…

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