Random thoughts ….

Okay here we go on the roller coaster of Mary’s mind. So what do I want to talk about today? I’m sitting in one of my very favorite writing places drinking amazing coffee and listening to “Marrakesh Express” on Spotify. Umm perfect? Yeah maybe. Ohh “Guinnevere” … I love this song. Like yours …. lady like yours …. she’d walk down through the garden in the morning after it rained ….

I love Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Do you know that “Cathedral” was written on an acid trip? When I was a wayward teen I would have thought that was really cool, now I just think it’s irresponsible. Okay I’m lying I still think it’s really cool … or at least moderately cool. I love CSNY because their voices blend so beautifully together and they wrote such beautiful music. My brother hates them because I played them so much. Of course I hate Supertramp because he played it incessantly so I guess we’re even.

I’m listening to a song by the Lumineers now called “Slow it Down”. It’s a good tune check it out.

Okay no more talk about music. I am pretty much caught up at work which is so amazing because I just have not been. I have felt kind of drowned in paperwork. We have a new project I’m not thrilled about but it will get done. I do have some documents to review that are very long so I think I’ll just shut myself into my office on Monday after putting out whatever fires happen to come up and tackle this paperwork. I have it with me now but the thought of reading these mind numbingly dull legal documents gives me heartburn so I’m free writing instead.

Lord no one is going to want to read this! I’m really boring today. I do wonder what people are thinking watching me jam to CSNY on my headphones which I’m not the least bit embarrassed to say does include chair dancing, pursing of the lips, occasionally closing the eyes, mouthing the lyrics and yes yes even once in a while singing out loud. Come on seriously? Who can resist singing the chorus to “Suite Judy Blue Eyes”? If you can you’re dead to me. (said in my best Mr. Wonderful voice)

Okay let’s see topics.

Anne has been really busy lately (read un-accessible) and I miss talking to her. We talk but it’s usually short bursts of conversation and she is distracted by something she is working on at the time. I’m not complaining I know being a teacher keeps her very busy and most of the things we talk about are inane chatter type things. She is doing great – loves her job etc. We had a really pleasant chat this morning.

I went to the butcher, the produce store, Schnucks, Target and Whole Foods today. My list is nearly complete, I forgot to pick up Ezekial bread at Whole Foods. I’ll just stop by Trader Joes on my way home. I still want to hit Old Time Pottery later today or maybe I’ll wait and do it tomorrow. I bought way too much meat but some of it was on sale. I have butterfly boneless center cut loin chops, chicken breasts, ground turkey, lean ground beef and ground Italian sausage. I’m going to make some meatballs YUM!

Well I just got distracted for a while looking for recipes for pork chops. I usually grill them with pesto (so good) and I will definitely do that with two of them but the other four I’m going to pan cook with kale. I found a really easy one pan recipe that will be perfect in my new big skillet. So on the agenda for tomorrow are housework, laundry, baked meatballs, grilled chicken, grilled and pan fried pork chops, turkey breakfast sausage and my own version black bean gumbo. I should be set for meals for a while I think. My freezer will be packed.

My friend just stopped by to visit with me for a while between shuttling her son from place to place. That was a nice break but now I need to get serious here. I’ve just been rambling on and not really free writing here because I keep getting distracted.

There is a little boy here “playing” the piano. He has no idea what he is doing so it’s not the most pleasant sound ever but I’ll survive. We’re only five once. I’m working on getting healthy again … still … again. I’m tired of putting crap into my body. I think eating processed foods just messes with my body and my mind. Although it is so much easier to just stop and grab something on my way home from work or to run out for lunch it’s just not good for anyone. So here I am again – thirteen days into my healthy eating plan and twelve pounds down. I haven’t completely “gone clean” but I’m at least being conscious of my choices when I do order out.

The little boy stopped playing the piano to eat. I need to order dinner but it just got crazy busy in here all of a sudden so I’ll wait until things die down. Or maybe I’ll just eat a salad when I get home.

Anne called me again – she is a little hoarse and she is going out for the night so she’s concerned no one will be able to hear her. That makes me smile. My friend and I were talking about college and how completely unprepared I was when Anne went to college. I wish I would have known more, I wish I would have done more research.

This girl ordering looks like Jennifer Lawrence but she is not from the United States. She has extremely accented English and they are speaking another language amongst themselves. It’s a whole family Mom, Dad three daughters and the oldest daughter’s girlfriend I think. Maybe there’s something to write about there.

Okay no more free writing – time to write something people want to actually read.

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2 Responses to Random thoughts ….

  1. Karen says:

    Not as good as a phone call or visiting in person but I like to hear what’s going on in your mind. Is life too busy, I’m i shutting down or just lazy… I do miss you cousin

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