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Thoughts from a Recovering Racist

Originally posted on Joshuathroneburg's Blog:
I grew up white, not just in the color of my skin, but in the culture of my youth.  My wife and I call it “super-white”.  I was raised in a small farm town…

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“There has never been a large scale social change in this country brought about by peaceful protest or demonstration”

I have been vehemently against the violence and destruction of property we have all witnessed over the last few months, even when people much smarter and more educated than I have told me this is necessary for change to happen. … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Love Story

I can hear the wind rattling the windows in the other room. Every time we get a huge gust Augustine my silly fat cat thinks someone is knocking and she goes running to the door. I don’t exactly know what … Continue reading

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