Inky water rolls gently as we watch the sun  setting on the horizon from across the lake

The ripples glow in stripes of unearthly oranges and reds while the sounds of people leaving echo against the bluffs

We glance at each other as I sip my coffee and you zip your hoodie against the evening chill

Slight nods, embarrassed grins as we are caught satisfying our curiosity, a breeze tossing your scarf over your shoulder

You lean forward and toss a stick underhand into the blackness of the lake tucking your hands back into your pockets

We watch together as the ripples break and shimmer like jewels allowing the peace and unparalleled beauty to wash over us like waves on a beach
I dig my heels into the sand and pull my blanket more tightly around my shoulders

You give a shrug and a shiver as if in solidarity while giving your gloves a tug

The oranges and reds are gone now and the ripples are glistening white as the moon replaces the sun

As one we stand from the cold damp sand and, gathering our gear, we walk away

We stop just once more, brushing the sand from our clothing and take just one more look

We turn again to each other and breathing frost into the air we nod our goodbyes

As we walk in opposite directions to move on with our lives I imagine for just a moment what might have happened if we had offered a hand in greeting
Maybe it might have broken the spell and ruined this moment or maybe it might have enhanced it, giving us an amusing cocktail party story

We part as strangers yes, but we shared a memory of the utter grace of nature and the beauty of the sunset. 

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