Night talks

It’s cold but we don’t care as we try to solve the worlds problems or talk about nothing at all. After more than thirty years we never run out of things to say. We shiver under our blankets and shift in our seats watching the cars as they move too quickly – always too quickly – down the darkened street. 

“We won’t talk all night this time” we tell each other as we make plans. Things are always hectic and our lives are not our own. Too much time passes between visits but rather than feeling resentful it makes us all that much more grateful for the times we have.

“Pass me the lighter please” 

“Are you sure you’re warm enough?”

The acrid smell of burning cigarettes permeates the cold night air as we talk about our lives and our loved ones. We share stories and pictures and we share our ideals and our dreams knowing that we are safe here. 

We sit in quiet reverie and comfortable silence listening to the sound of our breath and the breeze through the trees. A companionable silence, a solidarity, an island, a place of peace and love and acceptance. 

We are sisters by choice, sharing our lives, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the worst and the best. We entrust each other with our deepest secrets and our innermost thoughts and feelings. Unconditional love, acceptance and a solid base – always a place to stop and breathe. We have created a family beyond blood. 

We have a bond, a commitment to each other that transcends friendship and gives us a touch base in our hectic sometimes tumultuous lives.

We can be vulnerable, silly, serious. We can be honest and keep each other grounded. We can stop a spiral in its tracks and make each other accountable. We are better people for knowing each other. We have a rare and priceless bond forged over years of living and learning, stumbling and sometimes falling. Countless times of picking each other up and dusting each other off. Different in so many ways but the same in the ways that matter the most. 

“Okay just one more cigarette and I have to go”

“Yes, yes it’s late and I’m tired too”

Breathing in the icy air and blowing on our frozen fingers, wiggling our stiff toes we sit in the moment. It’s time to go, it’s late after all. 

“Thank you for having me over”

“I’m so glad you came”

“Let’s talk soon, I love you”

“I love you too” 

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