About Mary

Thank you for coming to my page. I’m Mary and I am an amateur writer. My favorite genre is fiction and most of what you’ll find here are fictional short stories. I also share my own thoughts and you’ll find those under the category “Ruminations”. I dabble in poetry and love to cook so on occasion you might find one of those posts here as well. My posts have been pretty sporadic but I’m committed anew to being more consistent if only to hone my craft. I don’t have a particularly disciplined program or writing style, I just love the written word. I hope you enjoy my blog – feel free to click “Follow” on the top of the Home Page and come back often. I welcome and appreciate feedback so feel free to comment.


I’m shy yet assertive
I talk too much and sometimes border on babbling – if I were my friend I would hate it
I’m a conservative dresser but a liberal thinker
I don’t suffer fools lightly but frequently do foolish things
I don’t like crowds but I enjoy immersing myself in one and people-watching
I am never bored, there are just too many things to do in this life
I am smart but not learned although I strive to be erudite
I like it when people don’t know the answer to a question and say “Let’s ask Mary!”
One of the best things anyone has ever said about me is that I am kind
I love research and believe that one needs it to form an informed opinion on a subject
I’m extraordinarily intolerant of lemmings
I have taken lots of classes – drawing, jewelry making, pottery, piano …
I love to learn new things, hence the classes
I love to cook and I’m getting better at it with practice
I love outdoor farmer’s markets, meat markets, spice shops and organic foods
I have a love/hate relationship with cars
I have a very extensive vocabulary yet I use foul language more than is necessary
I am one of the lucky few that has found a career that I love at a company that I love
I’m good at my job but constantly worried that I’m not good enough
I believe that families should love each other unconditionally
I love my crazy mixed up loud loving family with all of my heart and soul
My friends tease me a lot about my tendency to drive at or right below the speed limit
I’m a bit of a klutz
I have one child, a grown daughter, a teacher in New York and I adore her
I love cats and I tolerate dogs
When I meet a man for the first time I notice his smile first and his hands second
I am alone a lot but I’m never lonely
I love to put on my IPod and walk outside at parks or in museums
I have my sketch bag, a camera and a camp chair everywhere I go “just in case”
Immersing myself in music is like therapy to me
I cry at Hallmark commercials
– well to be honest I cry a lot – happy, sad, embarrassed etc
I also laugh a lot but I hate the way my laugh sounds
I say “bless you” when my kitty sneezes
I carry on entire conversations with my cat
– This might be why some people at my office think I’m a crazy cat lady
I strive daily to not be a judgmental person and I don’t always succeed
I have a small group of very close friends and I am so grateful for them

I’m a writer


One Response to About Mary

  1. ruf1 says:

    You have something going on inside you…….actually a lot of something…I’ll get backto you…


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